Wizard of Oz Closeouts Going, going, gone!
While they last!

#0900 Wizard of Oz Coaster FIVE LEFT!
Rubber Back, absorbant, like a good mouse pad. $1.99 each

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  Wizard of Oz Wisdom Magnets   $3.50
 #0438A Dorothy SOLD OUT
 #0438B Scarecrow SIX LEFT
 #0438D Lion THREE LEFT
 #0438C Tin Man FOUR LEFT
 #0438E Slippers SOLD OUT
 #0438F Witch THREE LEFT
 #0438G Glinda SOLD OUT
 #0379B Poppyfield THREE LEFT

WIZARD OF OZ CLOSEOUT SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES Papers, Diecuts, Stickers, Letters & Transparencies

#0434A Wizard of Oz Sticky-Tags $2.00
#0434N Transparent Stickers/Border $3.00
#0434L Transparent Window Overlays $2.00
#0434P Oz Cardstock Stickers/Border $3.00
#0434K Oz Transparent Horizontals $2.50
#0434B Wizard of Oz Sticky-Bets (alphabet letters w/Oz motif) $3.49
#0434Q Oz Poofy Photo Gem Stickers $3.00

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Oz Diecut Characters
#0380A This is the old Oz Mini Diecut Set $3.50

Oz Large Diecut Characters
#0380B Dorothy Large Diecut $1.50 (shown on click page) THREE LEFT!
#0380C Glinda Large Diecut $1.50 (shown on click page) ONE LEFT!
©Turner Entertainment Co.

                      Wizard of Oz Gift Bags &
Matching Gift Card

Gift Bags are 8" wide x 10" High x 4" deep,
Includes matching/coordinating blank die-cut card.

# 0385A Glinda/Munchkins Bag $5.99

# 0385B Ruby Slipper Gift Bag $5.99

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Wizard of Oz Cards
#0328A Emerald City Blank Greeting Card $2.50
#0328B Glinda Birthday Card $2.50
#0328C Oz Friends Fusion Ink Card $3.50
Greeting: Why don't you come along with us?
Inside: We're off to see the Wizard now.
#0328D Dorothy & Glinda Fusion Ink Card $3.50
Greeting: "Those magic slippers will take you home"
Inside: Blank
©Turner Entertainment Co.


For more than a century, the wonderful Land of Oz has captivated the imaginations of children and adults alike. This is a lovely, museum quality set of stationery, for that very special and impressive Oz correspondence -
All cards are museum shop quality, sixteen (16) per box with envelopes, beautifully gift boxed!
This set makes an excellent gift!

#0384A All Things Oz Blank Journal, was $11
Collect your thoughts in this Oz journal. The lined pages are sprinkled with quotes from "All Things Oz", a compilation of images and stories from the impressive Oz memorabilia collection of Willard Carroll, edited by Linda Sunshine.
This is a lovely museum quality journal.
Sale Price $8.99

#0384B All Things Oz Small Note Cards, were $12
Small note cards are 4" x 5". Sixteen cards & envelopes in a lovely box, similar to a cigar box.
These are museum quality cards!
Sale Price $9.99
#0384C All Things Oz Lg. Note Cards, were $15
Large note cards are 5" x 8". Sixteen cards & envelopes in a lovely box, similar to a cigar box.
These are museum quality cards!
Sale Price $12.99
#0384D Greetings from Oz Post Cards, were $12 These darling post cards make perfect party invitations! Can also be used as thank you notes or in Oz scrapbooking projects. Sixteen per set.
These are museum quality cards!
Sale Price $9.99



       #0229 Wizard of Oz Magnet Board Playset $11.99
       Will keep the children busy creating scenes on the refridgerator door while you are trying to fix dinner.
Use on other metal surfaces like filing cabinet drawers and washers/dryers & includes a magnetic playboard.

Click on picture for larger view!
#0230 Cast of Oz MEGA MAGTM Magnet
This magnet is by far, the biggest Wizard of Oz magnet ever! This colorful magnet measures almost 9" wide and 7" high. $9.99 SALE $4.99
©Turner Entertainment Co. 1997

 Foursome Nite Lite
#0388A Foursome Light Sensitive Nite Lite $9.99 ONE LEFT!

#0350 The Tin Man Heart tin is 6½" x 2" deep and has a fully functional clock!
Originally $16 SALE $10

#0349 Glinda Star tin is 7¾" x 2¼ deep. SOLD OUT!

#0347 Wicked Witch & Dorothy green oval tin is

Click on picture for larger view!
Swarovski Austrian Crystal Slipper Pintac
A lovely pin for men and women. This Slipper pintac is made of 75 hand applied genuine Swarovski crystals and can be worn as a pin or a tie-tac. "Their magic must be very powerful..."

#0044A The Ruby Slipper Pintac $16.99

#0044B The Silver Slipper Pintac $14.99

Both pins come in a lovely gold gift box.

 #0436 Emerald City Trinket Box $21.99 SALE $14.99
Wizard of Oz Emerald City Trinket Box
"Wishes do come true!"
3½" x 3½" x 5¼" Height
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2004

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  #0416 Wizard of Oz Tin Man Candle House
Regularly $29.99 SALE $20.99

He will make the room glow with heartfelt Oz memories. He measures 9" high x 9" wide x 5" deep. Shiny ceramic and uses a small votive candle, one is included.
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2004

Click image for larger view!
  #0417 Glinda Candle House $54.99 SALE $39.99
The picture just doesn't do this justice, it's really stunning and lit it's just beautiful. We just can't say enough about this piece, Westland outdid themselves on this one! Glinda measures 12" high and 10" in diameter. She's pure magic!
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2004

Click image for larger view!

Glinda Totebag

#0411C Glinda Satin Tote Bag $49.99 SALE $34.99
Size: 13" wide x 5" deep x 14" high.
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2004

 #0359 Glinda Mini Tea Set $29.99 SALE $22.99 We feel that this is the nicest Oz mini tea set ever, the quality is superb! There is the yellow brick road base, Glinda teapot w/lid and two mini ruby slippers. The overall measurement is 4" x 5" x 3". ©Turner Entertainment Co. 2002

 #0408A Footed Mug $11.99 SALE $9.99
12 oz. Footed Ceramic Mug -- so cute!
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2003

#0374B Wizard of Oz Mug by Zak Designs $6.99 One Left!
Witch on one side, Glinda on the other.
Zak Designs ©Turner Ent. Co. 2003

#WITCHSTN Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch Stein $9.99 Three Left!
Can be used to hold kitchen spoons/spatulas or as a beer/soda stein.
It would also be a great vessel for a silk flower arrangement!
by Xpres ©Turner Ent. Co. 2003

 #0375 Salt & Peppers $19.99 SALE $12.99 THREE SETS LEFT!
from Zak Designs

Set of two bright, cute, ceramic salt & pepper shakers. Average height 4½".
©Turner Ent. Co. 2003

Click image for larger view!
  #0413 Westland Glinda Figurine $14.99 SALE $12.99
Glinda Waves her wand and makes your wishes come true! She stands 6" tall and man made material. She is the companion to the Witch figurine above.
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2004

#0383A Ruby Slipper Red Enamel Sink Stopper $17 SALE $9.99

Oz Reversible Dorothy / Toto Doll

 #0382B Dorothy & Toto Topsy Turvy Doll $24.99 SALE $19.99
Beautiful workmanship, 11" x 9", great for the little Oz fans!

Some Useful Oz Items:
#0369C Keychain $5.50 SALE $4.25

#0369A Matchbox/Pillbox $5.50 SOLD OUT!
#0369B Porcelain Magnet $5.25 SOLD OUT
See closeup of image. All above items are 2" x 2".
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2002

Click image for larger view!
  #0423A Click Your Heels Tin Sign $7.99 SALE $6.80
9" wide x 7½" long painted embossed tin sign, w/ two riveted holes @ the on the left and right for hanging or nailing.
#0423C Wizard Paper Door Hanger $2.99 SALE $2.49
4¼" wide x 11" long, heavy gage cardboard.
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2004

Wizard of Oz Candle Crowns
From Department 56, Oz candle crowns (collectible candle hushers) Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion. These are the Dept. 56 "Open Edition" set.
#0329 Husher Set I includes: Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man & Lion $179.99 SALE $119.99 ONE SET LEFT!

#0410 Wizard of Oz Jingle Buddies Ornaments $9.99    SALE $6.99
These Wizard of Oz "Jingle Buddies" are just darling. They are approximately 3" high x 1½" wide and deep. They are lucite busts on a rather large jingle bell. They really seem to light up when the lights on the tree reflect through them. Yes, the bells do jingle. They jingle and sparkle and reflect light, and they are just as cute as can be. This is a must for your Oz tree. There are the four in a set boxed with a silver handle. You must look at the click-to pictures!

#0300 Dorothy only
Polonaise Ornament $29.99
SALE $19.99

For a limited time you can purchase Dorothy separately. This is a beautiful ornament, even the rainbow on the back is lovely!
TWO LEFT! On 12/07-2010
Click on the image to see enlarged.
©Turner Entertainment Co. 2000

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