The Munchkins--1938 and 1990

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In the fall of 1938, many of the Munchkins stayed at the Culver Hotel, one block from MGM Studios in Culver City, California. This photo was taken as they crossed Washington Avenue on their way to work on The Wizard of Oz.
In 1990, during the Oztoberfest in Liberal, Kansas, thirteen of the original Munchkins reenact the shot from 1938 where they were going to work on The Wizard of Oz. This was the largest Munchkin reunion ever held. Those of us who were there will never forget that day. Now, for the first time, we can show you the color picture of that event. Munchkins in attendance were: Nita Krebs, Fern Formica, Gus Wayne, Ruth Duccini, Margaret Pellegrini, Clarence Swensen, Betty Tanner, Meinhardt Raabe, Emil Kranzler, Karl Slover, Jerry Maren, Jeanne Drake, and Viola Banks (child Munchkin). In addition, these spouses of the Munchkins were also in attendance: Elizabeth Maren, Marcella Kranzler, Anna Cucksey Mitchell, Mary Ellen St. Aubin, Myrna Swensen (and her mother, Mrs. Clifton), Marie Raabe, and Fred Duccini. Just as children were used in the film to fill out the Munchkinland scene, children from Liberal helped us fill out the reenactment picture.
This article appeared in the summer '96 issue of Beyond the Rainbow Collector's Exchange. It tells the story of the 1990 reenactment of the 1938 picture.

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