Wizard of Oz Scrapbooking
Ideas & Supplies  

Wizard of Oz Scrapbooking Supplies - Papers, Diecuts, Stickers, Letters & Transparencies

Scrapbooking Papers Large View


Poofy Photo Gem Stickers (L)                  Color Rub Ons (R)

                 Glitter Rub Ons

Left Wizard of Oz Cardstock Stickers/Border          Center Oz Chipboard Accents       Right Wizard of Oz Post-it Notes

Wizard of Oz/Wicked Confetti

Oz Scrapbooking Collection 2010

Wizard of Oz Mini Diecuts (complete set of 11 shown) approx size range 2" - 3"

Large Diecuts (see ruler shown)

Blue Gingham Ribbon Border

Top picture is a close-up view of the Transparent Stickers;
Below a close-up view of Transparent Stickers & Border set.

Transparent Overlays to use for framing and decorating.

Top Cardstock Oz Alphabet Stickers; Middle Cardstock Oz Tag Stickers;
Bottom Cardstock Stickers (approx 2" - 3" high)

Closeup Vertical View

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